Hexagon Menu Concept - Part 2

Last week, I has the idea for a hexagon menu and quickly came up with a concept using jsfiddle (ref: hexagon menu concept). I played with the idea over the weekend and have expanded it to this working model.

so once again, I am using simple html list as my base, and use using jQuery to modify the structure with the needed attributes and classes to make it work.

The major addition over the previous version, is that I am now using CSS to handel animations instead of using jQuery. This will fail gracefully on broswers not supporting css transitions by simple going to the final location. The major issue with this setup is that I am depending a great deal on CSS to handel position locations. This is does not allow me to easily handle any collision issues. However seeing as you need to go six levels deep to acheive a collision, its not going to be a large issue.

Next step from here is to turn this into a jQuery Plugin!