GoodBye ColdFusion! Hello ColdFusion!

Over the past week has seen many curious things in regards to ColdFusion as a language. ColfFusion 11 (Splendor) was soft released with a long list of gotcha's and bugs. I encountered more ORM issues, And had an interesting discussion with two top developers in the language about wether or not an Object (ColdFusion Component) should validate as a Structure (what other languages would call Maps or Named Key Arrays). This discussion resolved without either side gaining any ground and in the end frustrated the hell out of me.

With all of this, I have decided that I will be discontinuing my personal ColdFusion Research in favour of other technologies. However I did just spend 2 months building this site as it is in ColdFusion 10. So I have decided that for now I will be converting my CF10 services into a REST API. This should allow me to keep most of my back end, and give me a good reason to learn more about REST APIs and how to build them. It'll will also free up my Front End so that I can play with other Languages and Frameworks such as Ionic and AngularJS.

I will be blogging on this top a lot as I move forward with my plans.