The Ultimate Goal of this Site

Since I started this up a few months ago, I have been repeated told of and pointed to products which already do the things I am trying to do in the languages I am trying to do them in. I want to take a moment to specify here, the goal of this project as it always has been from the start. It occurred to me today that I haven't actually expressed it on my site anywhere.

The Goal of this site is to be a platform for me to build with and learn about new technologies, languages and/or techniques. To build these things from the ground up so that I can better understand to processes used and the decisions made in similar applications.

I am very much aware that there are already several syntax highlighters, Content Management Systems, and Plug N' Play Blogs out there. But I am a person who learns best not from reading, but by doing. Theory doesn't make sense to me until that theory is applied to a real life scenario, and thats what this site gives me. A chance to read about new techniques and languages, apply that I have learned, and now to share those lessons learned.

It is not my goal in any way or form to replace any existing open source frameworks with mine. I would be cool for others to reference my work and see some things contributed to, but its not the point of what I am doing.

I hope this clears up what I am trying to do here. If not, then let me know so I can try to clear it up some more.