CF.Objective - Travel Day

This marks a more personal post than technical, but its good to note somethings about going to the CF.Objective 2014 Conference.

Today I started waking at 6am to be ready to be picked up by Simcoe Airport Service. I was picked up promptly at 7am and arrived at Pearson International Airport about 9am. We made fairly impressive time giving that we travelled down to Toronto during rush hour. From there, I had a few problems with the Airline automated system not picking me up. Nether West Jet nor Delta could find me in there Systems. After getting help from the service people at both West Jet and Delta, both of whom had very good customer service in this regards, I started down my trek through security where I, Yes I, was randomly selected for Additional Screening.

This was actually good thing though because apparently you move to the front of the line when they do that. I got to be scanned and my wallet was gone through inch by inch, but that was the worst of the whole process. I had then cleared American Customs and Airport Security. Then began the long wait for my plane.

When my plane arrived, I knew it was going to be one of "those" flights. It was a tiny plane, one with too many seats and I was very crowded, thank god the flight was only 2 hours.

When I arrived in Minneapolis, the plane docked at was must of been the farthest away possible. It took over almost half an hour to walk to the baggage claim. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the walk, especially after being crammed in a plane for 2 hours. I was just surprised how large the terminal was. And the most remarkable thing occurred... I arrived at Baggage Claim and my Bag beat me there. I have been in many airports, that was a first for me. I usually have to wait 20 minutes to an hour for my bags for show up.

After that it was a short Hop, Skip, and a Jump to my Hotel. Thats where I am how enjoying a nice suite.

More updates soon.