CF.Objective - Day 2

Today started off a little cooler then yesterday. A blustery day to be sure. We all know what that means... more coffee...

Web Components are Awesome (and Polymer too)

Web components are something I have been looking at on and off for some time but had seen little support in the browsers for them as of the last time I was I looking at them.

A web component essentially allows you to create custom DOM functionality with default stylings and functionality. They allow me to add a Tag such as to the DOM and have the browser render that element as any other native tag.

In this presentation from Elliot Sprenhn (@ElliottZ) we learned how to set up a basic element and how browsers render native elements in the background using "Shadow DOM". We also learned about HTML Templates and the HTML Import functionality in Chrome and FireFox. Unfortunately IE does not appear to have this functionality as of this date.

Elliot presented several working models of web components and polymer in action.

Stop Making Excuses And Start Testing Your JavaScript!

Ryan Anklam (@bittersweetryan) started off his presentation by going over the basic steps to settings up a JavaScript Testing.

  1. Pick your Environment: Browser or Server Side (Node.js)
  2. Pick your Framework / Dialect: QUnit, Chai, Sinon, Etc
  3. Start developing your Tests

Ryan goes on to give examples on how to write certain unit tests and different scenarios using "Spies". He also asks the question: Do you really need to test the DOM? this is can be answered as No, you shouldn't really need to test the DOM, but If you absolutely have to there are several libraries available to do so.

BBD (Behavior Driven Development) - Change the way you code

As it turns out, my company is already half way there to BDD. In this presentation from Luis Majano (@lmajano) we learned that; Yes! Bugs cost money. He lays out the Pro's and Con's to Test Driven Development (TTD), the main Con being that TTD tests functionality, not Requirements. Luis goes on to explain the processes of both TTD and BBD and the differences between the two.

The latter half of the presentation was a demo of TestBox, and BBD test suit that will not work for my company because we are using ColdFusion 9. I would like to see use move into TestBox however as it does seem to handle the majority of our testing needs including writing test that our stakeholders are able to comprehend easily.

Panel Discussion: Why Client-Side?

this was an interesting discussion on the differences of Client versus Server side. Although there many opinions expressed, no consensus was reached, nor was that the point of that discussion. It was an excellent break from all the serious talks I have attended.

Say Goodbye to "It worked on my machine" with Chef and Vagrant

That talk was a very well presented overview of using Vagrant with Chef. However it was all information I had already known. I was hoping for a more in depth overview of setting up Chef and the provisioners. Still, a very good presentation.

Git Source Control for the Rest of Us

This was not what I was hoping it would be. It was an introductory to GIT source control and TortisGit. Thankfully it was the last of the day and I was a little burnt already.

well... thats my brief summary of Day 2.