CF.Objective - Day 3

This final day of the conference consisted of 4 sessions plus the closing remarks.

Creating Webservice for Modern Web Applications

This session presented by Mike Nimer (@mnimer) started off with the 6 basic principals of REST (REpresentational State Transfer):

  1. Uniform Interface
  2. Client Server
  3. Stateless - No User Session
  4. Cacheable
  5. Layered System
  6. Code on Demand (Optional)

Mike goes on to give examples of RESTful APIs and coding examples in ColdFusion. Talks about the URL Path structure in regards to wanting nouns in loo of verbs, Using Status Codes, and scalability with ETag and EhCache.

He recommends that every developing a RESTful API for the first time ready an article called How to GET a cup of coffee.

Making Bad Code Good

This session by Dan Wilson (@DanWilson) used real world examples of "Bad Code" and how he goes about to not only debug, but refactor to code.

  1. Read Over the entire Method
  2. Reread the Method and Add Comments
  3. Find and Fix the Problem.

He also gives some tips for development

  • Make conditional statements evaluate as true. This makes it easier for other developers to understand your code
  • Encapsulate Everything. Its better to have several methods doing a single function than to have a few method handling many functions
  • Reorganize your code.

Getting Started with MongoDB for CFML Developers

In this sessions by Dan Skaggs (@dskaggs) we stated off with a list of what Mango is and isn't good for.

MongoDB is:

  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Forgiving

MongoDB is not good for applications that required:

  • Transactions
  • Joins
  • Data Guarantees
  • Data Sets over 16MB
  • Crossover from SQL
  • Authentication on a DB Level

Dan proceeds by show us how to install a MongoDB and how to enable it in Railo and ACF10.

Developing Single Page Apps (SPA) with ColdFusion and Angular

This session by Mike Collings was a real life example of a working ColdFusion RESTful application with Angular. Unfortunately, Mike literally spent most of the presentation going over his application line by line. This is a very very hard way for me to understand something and one of the worst presentations I had attended at the conference from a personal standpoint. The only thing I got from it was that: Yes! you can create with relative ease a RESTful API in ColdFusion work with an Angular Site.

I would like to reiterate that the topic and presenter were not bad, but rather the method in which the information was presented in regards to my preferred learning style.

Closing Remarks

With the conference now closed, a few draws were held and the announcement of the 10th CF.Objective Conference. And with that we draw closed the conference.