Updated the Site

Over the last day or so I have pushed out a lot of changes to this site. Some of these changes are visual, but many are behind the code connections to try and boost my Google Rank. Here is a breif overview of the changes I have made.


Here are some of the changes I made to the SEO of my site.

  • Added Twitter Card
  • Added OpenGraph Tags
  • Added my name as an Author to the Blog Articles
  • Created and Attached an RSS Feed for the Blogs
  • Added schema.org properties to articles and page header.

Cosmetic Changes

I also added some visual cosmetic changes to the site to help it flow a little better, and to break things up a little more. Some of these changes are:

  • New Block Dividers
  • More Spacing between multiple article groupings
  • Social Media Icon Changes
    • GitHub has been changed to more closely mirror the changes to there OSx App Icon change.
    • RSS Added

I am hoping that these changes bare fruit in my Google Ranking the comings weeks.