A New Commenting System

One of the tasks that have been nagging at my on my site for some time now has been a commenting system for my website. But this is not a small undertaking. This sort of project requires a lot of other work to go with with it.

First thing you to decide; do I allow comments to be anonymous?
My answer is: For The Love Of JeeBus, NO!!!

Anonymous comments lead to spam on your site, generic BS about nothing, and does not allow for an actual discussion or debate because the person in question has no credibility what so ever.

So this means that I need to create a general user authentication, which leeds to an enhanced permission system, user profile controls, as well as avatar uploading and display. Then of course you get into the O-Auth Social Media Logins so that people don't need to fill all that extra profile crap I would have just spent all that time written.

No, this time I will concede. I will go with a third Party on this one.

Introducing: Disqus

Disqus is a third party solution to all those issues I mentioned above, and a fairly widely adopted micro application. It has unique commenting, avatars, and O-Auth, and gives me some additional information as well. Also, because it is an ajax driven application, it does not effect my initial page load. Not to mention, of course, that because it is an ajax plugin to the site, it very easy to implement.

So, now I have Disqus on my site, lets see how many actually use it...