Over Recent months I have been looking for move over to a full-stack environment for several reasons.

  1. Its the future of our industry
  2. ColdFusion doesn't have a strong community
  3. It's built on JavaScript
  4. It's Really Cool Stuff!


So in over the last bit I have been looking at Sails.js, Express, and Ghost. I have liked most of these, and have managed to work around the learning curve (which if you wondering, isn't very steep), but none of them seems to hold the power and quick prototyping ability that I have been looking for. Until now...

In Comes Meteor

This past weekend I picked up and started playing with Meteor. This engine, built on Node and Sockets, allowed me to quickly prototype an entire working web application in a mater of minutes. Their startup tutorial was very well put together and explained the inner workings very well.

In my independent investigative development of the engine, I was able to create, in a matter of 3 hours, an entire working basic blog site with database, markdown, login authentication and even clean ("pretty") urls. This completely blew my mind. As a result, I have started on a project to move my blog over to this framework.

checkout some of my preliminary work here:

If you haven't looked at Meteor yet, give it a look. You won't be disappointed.