Slack Tips: Remind Me!

It's been a while since my last post, so here is a quick tip on slack.


Slack has many built in features and is easily extensible with 3rd Party and Custom Integrations. One of my favourite built in features is the built in remind me functionality in Slack Bot.

Inline in any channel, you can use the command /remind to have Slack Bot send you a notice at the giving time to send you the specified message.

As an example, you could ask Slack Bot to remind you in 15mins to send an email or to follow up on another task. You can also ask for it to remind you at a specific time and date. I use this feature most often. I'll notify my team that we will be deploying at 11am, and I'll then ask Slack Bot to remind to do actually handle that deployment at that time.

Remind me in 15mins

Here is the syntax for remind me for the "in 15mins" scenario.

/remind me in 15 mins to follow up with Rachel

Remind me at 13:30

Here is the syntax for remind me for the "at 13:30" scenario.

/remind me at 13:30 to deploy Release-v1.3.2 to Production

Hope this tip helps!