The User Did It Wrong

As programmers building large, and sometimes needlessly complicated systems, we all inadvertently enter bugs into the system. Wether it just be a glitch, or a user manages to find a workflow that breaks our systems.

These things happen, there is an easy process for dealing with these eventualities.

  1. Log a Ticket
  2. Fix the Issue
  3. Move On

However, for what ever reason, there always seems to be one person in every group who refuses to take responsibility for there code.

This is where my Tweet comes in:

Under no circumstance is "They did it wrong" a valid argument for closing a ticket. As a programmer, its your responsibility that is a specific workflow needs to be followed, that the system only allows that workflow.

Even if some new unaccounted for workflow emerges causing a fault in a system, and it only happens once every one hundred and fifteen thousand process; Stating that there is not a bug in the system, and that user simply did it wrong is unacceptable.

If users were able to write and account for there own systems and processes, there wouldn't be a need for us developers. It's our responsibly to resolve issues in our systems to help ensure that the expected workflow is followed or to expand that workflow to accept the new variation in the path.

If you are continuously having to patch or expand your workflow for a system, than it's probably time to explore new solutions.

In either case, do not accept "They Did It Wrong" as a resolution.

Rant Complete