Arduino State Machine | Christopher Vachon

Arduino State Machine


Recently, I have been on a bit of a beer making kick and have decided that I really do enjoy it.

This was my first brew and it really did turn into a nice beer.

However, I have encountered some challenges regarding my setup. In order to ensure I do not make a horrible mess in the kitchen, I am brewing in the basement on a hotplate. This makes it rather difficult to gauge and maintain temperature. So I have decided to make a digital temperature sensor using some older arduino parts I had laying around the house.

A fairly easy assembly, but the code set me off for a loop (get it?!?).  I needed to create a state machine in order to maintain and control the different settings in the device.

Granted, there is a lot of room for improvement here, but I am very pleased with myself getting this to work exactly as I wanted.

Now I just have to wait for my thermal probes to arrive and try it out on the next brew day.