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DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). It aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality. DevOps is complementary with Agile software development; several DevOps aspects came from Agile methodology.


  1. MySQL, Prisma, and Views
    MySQL, Prisma, and Views

    Sometimes you need to use a view in your database schema. Here is how we chose to manage views with Prisma.

  2. Prisma, MySQL, and max_prepared_stmt_count
  3. ViTest and TypeScript Paths
  4. GitHub Actions Reusable Workflows
  5. Changing the Origin of your Branch
  6. Redis Stream Activity Feed
  7. GitHub Action - Passing a Slack Message ID between Jobs
  8. Docker Run Internal Container Command
  9. Get a Bash Scripts Absolute Path
  10. Image Generator Module
  11. From REST to GraphQL - How To Build a GraphQL Server
  12. How to get GitLab Runner to push a Git Tag
  13. How to configure Nginx to load balance between multiple Docker containers
  14. Next Version
    Next Version

    I created a Node.js based Command Line Interface tool for creating and updating a Node Projects Version.

  15. How to make GIT ignore future changes to a committed file.
  16. Script to Close a Port on MacOS
  17. Ping Redis without CURL or NC
  18. High Availability Redis Session with Express
    High Availability Redis Session with Express

    Recently we have needed update our session solution with Redis to use Redis as a cluster, increasing the availability of our sites in the event that we have to cycle our Redis servers.

  19. How to make macOS remember my ssh password
  20. Helpful Docker Scripts
  21. Giving a Presentation with Git Commits
    Giving a Presentation with Git Commits

    recently I have been creating and giving presentations on how to use certaintechnologies. Event expanding some to be more like workshops.I decided that rather than writing all my code on the fly while giving thepresentation, which would undoubtedly lead to a number of errors as I go, that Iwould pre-write all the code and stores changes as git commits.This leads me this post.  How to navigate those commits quickly and easilyduring my presentation.My solution was to create three bash al

  22. What's my IP Address
    What's my IP Address

    I have recently been giving a new 15inch MacBook Pro by the office, and havespent a fair bit of time moving things over from a MacMini to it to be my newprimary console. Although there are several tools available to transition fromone mac to another, I have decided to do this as a fresh/clean install as themini has been around for 4 years. It's also allowed me to mark down everythingfor a new on-boarding process I am starting.One of the main issues in switching from a desktop unit to a la

  23. Human Readable Code
    Human Readable Code

    I have recently spent a great deal of time reviewing code from externaldevelopers. Some of it is good, some of it is rough, some of it makes my headhurt. Ultimately, if the code produces the expected result, I tend to let thingsslide to be included as part of a later refactor if needed, but this leads me tomy topic of the day; Human Readable Code.No longer do we live in an age where we need to consider how a computer is goingto process a block code, and as such, code for the compiler in t

  24. Cherry-Pick with Git
    Cherry-Pick with Git

    Sometimes things don't quite work out as planned. Okies, lets be honest, Most ofthe time things don't work out as planned from the start. But with a properworkflow, this is not always detrimental.For one of my office projects, I had a transition over to DoubleClick forPublishers (DFP). This was completed, and entered into a merge release for thestart of the month along with a few other patches and small features. However,that transition was to be pulled from the upcoming release for inter

  25. Some Thoughts on Setting Up a Workflow
    Some Thoughts on Setting Up a Workflow

    A key component to DevOps is setting up and maintaining a workflow fordevelopers. It's not all about automation and statistics. Having a developmentbackground comes in nice and handy, but system operations is valuable too. Ifyou don't have that experience behind you, find an experienced developer and/orsystems administrator to work with on your workflow.Step 1 - Analyze What You're Already Doing.Lets start by taking some time to analyze your current process. Unless you are aone man shop

  26. As a general rule when programming...
  27. I am learning to love VI
    I am learning to love VI

    I will admit that in my early developer days, that I was extremely resistant todoing anything command line. My thought was that we lived in an age where wecould easily make GUI so why wouldn't we create and use them. Now will toolslike GIT, LESS, SASS, Grunt, Gulp, Vagrant, and Docker (just to name a few) Ihave learned to love working in the command line and cant imaging workingwithout it.That being said, the one thing about command line that has always bothered was vi (or vim). I never

  28. Step by Step Install of Graphite with Carbon and StatsD on CentOS 7.1.x
  29. The Power of Statistics
    The Power of Statistics

    Over the past couple of weeks I have been exploring Application Monitoring toolswhich has resulting in me playing with StatsD and Graphite .  I quickly found a Docker Container, and plugged in an NPM library called node-statsd into an Express RESTful api to see what kind of data I could get.At firs

  30. NGINX Location Rewrite
    NGINX Location Rewrite

    with my change over to the Ghost Blogging platform from myown custom engine, I had one major problem.The URL's from my old blog did not directly match the URL's of the new blogSpecifically, the blog path.In my custom built blog, I had entered all the blog posts to sit under the /blog/ route. Ghost does not do this, nor does it directly allow me to modifythat path without modifying Ghost itself. Because the intention of thistransition is to utilize an existing communi

  31. Testing Middleware
    Testing Middleware

    Recently I wrote a small custom piece of middleware for an express applicationto consume on its requests. It takes a query parameter and reworks it for lateruse in the event loop. Nothing too fancy or overly complicated.But as is the good practice, and because this was for a production application,I wanted to test this bit of middleware with mocha . Buthow?A brief google search did not return to me any relevant information, so that'swhat prompted this post.Writing

  32. What is DevOps
    What is DevOps

    Several Months ago, I attended a conference in Toronto called DevOpsDays. The purpose is like any other technical conference, ameans to get like minded individuals together and to share new ideas. In thiscase, DevOps.I have long counted myself as the DevOps Engineer of the company I work for, andhave had a lot of issue getting the company to believe that DevOps is a realthing. It doesn't help when goggling "DevOps" gives you a large and varyingdescription of the r