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Web Developer Job Applicants - Here's some Pro Tips!


I have been spent a fair bit of time looking a resumés and cover letters as of late. Some of which have prompted a few tweets from me.

With those in mind, here is a list of a few things that I am looking for when I am looking through a stack of people.

1. Email Address

I know this is a basic thing now a days, but believe me that it still needs to be said. Creating a professional(ish) email address shows a level of maturity that xX_sexygamerbunney_Xx973@*****.*** simply does not.  Take the time to setup something on gmail or something, please…

2. License and Access to a Reliable Vehicle

This is nice to know, but its not a skill I want to see listed on your resumés. I am looking to hire a long term professional, so for me, I would hope that this information is implied.  What it tells me is that you have recently updated your high school resumé with some new information which again speaks to a certain level of maturity.

3. Cover Letters

Yes, this is very important.  Take some time to write a solid cover letter, they stand out a lot. Especially cover letters tailored for the position in the company for which you are applying.

Make sure you read it over before sending it along with your resumé. We do dock points for certain obvious spelling and grammatical errors. A few inline with text is forgivable; Headers are not.

4. Send the Correct Cover Letter

If you are going to take the time to write a cover letter for a position, make sure you send it to the correct location. Do not expect to hear back from a company who your sent a cover letter written for another company.

5. Have Something Cool to Show Me

This is most important thing and till almost guarantee you make it passed the first round of candidate selections. If you are applying for a web development job, you should have some kind of website and/or portfolio to show off. It doesn’t need to be something mind blowing, but it should showcase an understanding of modern web development.

I hope someone finds this list useful.